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Why Writing Matters

Students spend more time writing than ever before! Beyond homework, much of their social interaction involves writing such as texting and posting on social media.  

As educators, you know that the ability to write correctly will help your students succeed, not only in school but also at work. Whether your students are English learners or maybe just need a little more practice, Get This Write can help. It focuses on basic English grammar, capitalization, punctuation, and spelling. Designed by English teachers, this online tool addresses common trouble points in learning to write.

 Who Can Use Get This Write?

Get This Write can be set up for groups or used by individual learners at an intermediate level or above. This online practice is appropriate for:

  • Middle school through adult English learners who speak or read English better than they write it
  • English learners who may have studied grammar but do not know how to use elements correctly
  • Learners who use the language of texting at school or work instead of standard written English
  • Hearing impaired learners
  • Students in adult basic education programs


We will be happy to answer questions or get you started. Please fill out the form and we will get back to you soon.

How Can Teachers Use Get This Write?

Teachers can:

  • Incorporate Get This Write into an existing curriculum
  • Assign Get This Write as a parallel practice
  • Use Get This Write with their students in class or in a computer lab

Learn more about how Get This Write works.

Pricing for Schools

Fill out the contact form for a customized quote for your school. Our prices are:

  • Per license
  • Billed annually
  • Each license is good for one year

Need-based discounts are available. 

Group Pricing
Number of Licenses   Each License
1-10 Licenses   $25
11-50 Licenses   $20
51-100 Licenses   $15
101+ Licenses   $10


May 2020 Testimonials

"GetThisWrite is a great opportunity to improve my English skills. I understand how to use some more information better and have good practice with that. I recommend it for every student. Thank you!"
              -- Iana (originally from Russia)

"I wasn't sure how my experience GetThisWrite would be, but for sure it works. There are a lot of examples and exercises, and the repetition of writing a lot makes you really learn and not forget!"
              -- Nathalia (originally from Brazil)

"As an ESL instructor who teaches Advanced Reading & Writing, GetThisWrite has been a valuable tool for my students. It is reassuring to be able to monitor their progress and relieving that my role is facilitator, encouraging them to find solutions themselves. My students' questions about GetThisWrite exercises demonstrate that they are actively engaged in improving their grammatical accuracy and writing mechanics."
              -- Charlie, ESL Instructor (USA)

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