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Quiz Results

1. Find the correct choice.

  • a. Is the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco?
  • b. My address is 238 s. Lenox Street.
  • c. Is gate 5 closed?
  • d. Is the shopping mall on Highway 20?

 2. Find the correct choice.

  • a. No we’re not. 
  • b. Are Sam, and Rosa teachers?
  • c. John, Joe, and Jennifer are siblings.
  • d. Mary, Brandon, Ana and Ben are great friends.

3.  Find the correct choice.

  • a. The library is at Highland Ave.
  • b. The library is on Highland Avenue.
  • c. The library is in Highland Avenue.
  • d. The library is of Highland Avenue.

4. Find the correct choice.

  • a. Hillary babysits two babys.
  • b. I have two pennies in my pocket.
  • c. I picked many strawberrys today. 
  • d. Many flyes are in the barn.

5. Find the correct choice.

  • a. Their house is down the street.
  • b. There house is down the street. 
  • c. They're house is down the street.
  • d. Theirs house is down the street. 

6. Find the correct choice.

  • a. Missouri = MS
  • b. Montana = MO
  • c. Arizona = AR
  • d. Alaska = AK

7. Find the correct choice.

  • a. Maria is getting in the bus. 
  • b. Maria is getting in the boat
  • c. Maria is getting out of the plane
  • d. Maria is getting out of the train. 

8. Find the correct choice.

  • a. Is that they're dog over there?
  • b. Is that there dog over their?
  • c. Is that their dog over they're?
  • d. Is that their dog over there?

9. Find the correct choice.

  • a. The mens’ restroom is down the hall.
  • b. The childrens’ bicycles are new. 
  • c. The waitress’ boyfriend is from Michigan. 
  • d. That girls’ father is a doctor. 

10. Find the correct choice.

  • a. 08/05/19
  • b. 8-05-19
  • c. 05-08-19
  • d. 08/5/19


How did you do?

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