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The Lessons 

Each lesson in Get This Write includes a well-organized sequence of activities presenting rules, examples, and practice. This practice, guided by prompts, requires learners to generate complete, correct sentences. In fact, they can proceed to the following activity only when they have successfully completed the current one with 100% accuracy.

The lessons in Get This Write have been carefully ordered. Some are easy and others are difficult. Each lesson includes grammar and vocabulary from previous lessons. This re-integration technique allows learners to strengthen their writing by continuing to use what they have already learned. All learners begin at the beginning so they can fill in existing gaps in their knowledge of English.

How does Get This Write work?

Get This Write presents rules and activities in lessons that vary in difficulty. Type the unfinished sentences in each activity completely and correctly.  You can check your work at any time. 

Type each sentence in the given box. When you check the sentence and it is not correct, it appears again on a new line under the box. On this new line, gray shading shows the correct part of your sentence. Yellow shading shows the incorrect part, beginning with your first error and continuing to the end. Revise your sentence in the box and re-check it until the shading is gone.

Many activities include a sentence with three choices. This sentence is marked by a smiley (  ). Your challenge is to choose the word that is logical in the sentence.


"Get This Write has been so helpful. I really appreciate the content of the course and has made it easy for ESL students."

- Jolie, United States

Review rules of English grammar and writing.

Study the examples.
Write sentences to practice the rules.
Check your sentences. If necessary, correct them.
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