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 The Program

Get This Write is a self-paced online writing program that gives learners of American English the opportunity to practice what they are learning. They apply grammar rules in controlled sentence-writing practice.

The self-checking feature in Get This Write gives learners immediate feedback as they strive for correctness. The conventions of writing (capitalization and punctuation) are emphasized throughout the program.

Presently Get This Write has eleven lessons, with more to come!

The Lessons

Each lesson in Get This Write includes a well-organized sequence of activities presenting rules, examples, and practice. This practice, guided by prompts, requires learners to generate complete, correct sentences. In fact, they can proceed to the following activity only when they have successfully completed the current one with 100% accuracy.

The lessons in Get This Write have been carefully ordered. Some are easy and others are difficult. Each lesson includes grammar and vocabulary from previous lessons. This re-integration technique allows learners to strengthen their writing by continuing to use what they have already learned. All learners begin at the beginning so they can fill in existing gaps in their knowledge of English.

The Learners

Mastering a new language is an ongoing, long-term endeavor. Some English learners appreciate the opportunity to practice as a way of internalizing grammar and writing rules. Those who can benefit from practice include:

  • High school through adult English learners who speak or read English better than they write it
  • English learners who may have studied grammar but still do not know how, or when, to use elements correctly
  • Learners who use the language of texting at school or work instead of standard written English
  • Hearing-impaired learners and students in adult basic education programs

Effective communication is important at school and work. In both situations, writing good sentences matters. Get This Write, with its unique combination of seemingly simple elements and features, is a powerful learning tool for self-motivated individuals.

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