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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the level of Get This Write?

To benefit from the practice in this program, you need to be familiar with English vocabulary and grammar at an intermediate level or higher. Get This Write is not a program for people who are just starting to learn English.

How does the program work?

Get This Write presents many unfinished sentences. Your challenge is to study rules and examples, and then type sentences completely and correctly. While you are doing an activity, you can check your work at any time.

You type each answer in a box. If the answer is not correct when you check it, it appears again on a new line under the box. On the new line, gray shading shows the correct part of your answer. Yellow shading shows the incorrect part, beginning with your first error and continuing to the end. You revise your work in the answer box and re-check it until the shading is gone.

Sentences with a have three choices. You choose the word that makes the sentence logical.

What is the best way to do an activity?

The purpose of practice in Get This Write is to understand rules and, eventually, use them to build your own English sentences correctly. How well you do an activity is important, not how quickly. Careful reading is the key to successful writing.

When you begin an activity, first read the rules and examples at least two times. Read them aloud if that helps you understand and remember better. After you finish reading, try to answer this question: What can I learn here?

Next, read the directions two times and study the given answers. Think about what makes the answers correct. Read the rules again if necessary. Then, start typing.

Your reading has a purpose: to gain understanding. You need to be able to explain to yourself what you read. From the very beginning, take the time to read and study carefully. You will be surprised at the good writing that will result—all because of your careful reading.

Is it necessary to do all of the activities?

Yes. Understanding the rules of previous activities will help you with future activities. Get This Write will only open the next activity when you have completed the current activity with 100% accuracy.

Is there only one way to write a sentence correctly?

Sometimes there is more than one way to write correctly. Some elements of writing mechanics offer more than one option. The option you prefer to use is called a stylistic choice.

Following are our stylistic choices in Get This Write.

We use one space after a period, question mark, or exclamation point before the next sentence begins.

We capitalize “Room” when we write it together with a number or letter (Room 29, Room C).

In Lesson 2 there is practice using commas ( , ) in a series of three or more. Some writers use a comma before and or or; other writers do not. In Get This Write, we prefer to use a comma before and or or.

There is another stylistic choice in Lesson 4 about possessives. Some writers add only an apostrophe ( ' ) to a singular possessive noun that ends in -s (Russ' dog). Other writers add 's (James's pen) because the pronunciation of the possessive adds an extra syllable to the word. In Get This Write, we prefer to use only the apostrophe (without the ‑s).

You will practice our stylistic choices in Get This Write. You may notice other stylistic choices in other materials. In your own writing, be consistent with the style that is appropriate for your situation.

How difficult is the vocabulary in this program?

Most of the vocabulary in Get This Write is basic so that you can focus on writing good sentences. However, some vocabulary will be new to you, such as the names of people, addresses, locations, and grammatical terms.

Find a way to remember new vocabulary because you might see it again.

Why are good sentences necessary?

Well-constructed sentences are the foundation of good written communication. Readers of your writing do not notice when your sentences are correct. They notice the mistakes in your sentences, even if they do not tell you. Mistakes cause readers to focus on how you wrote (the form) rather than on what you wrote (the content).

Get This Write prepares you to write clearly using your own words.

Where does the name Get This Write come from?

The name Get This Write comes from a combination of Get This and Write. Get this means "understand this". Write has the same pronunciation as the word right, meaning "correct".

In Get This Write, you get this when you study a rule and understand it. Then you follow the rule to write sentences correctly.

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