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Businesses and Groups

Why Writing Matters


The average professional spends 6.3 hours per day writing and responding to an average of 123 emails.  The number of written interactions can be much higher for some staff members: sales, customer service, and online chat personnel. Poorly written communication can cause confusion, derail business deals, and send customers looking elsewhere.

Affordable, Anywhere, Anytime

Get This Write can help you avoid the estimated $400 billion lost annually to bad writing by improving your employees' written language skills.

  • Online web application
  • Clear grammar explanations with notes and examples
  • Expertly-designed guided writing activities
  • Cyclical reintegration approach using a unique methodology
  • Self-checking component
  • Self-paced practice – anytime, anywhere  


The program is affordable and easy to implement for a whole company, specific departments, or individuals who need practice and improvement. Monitoring progress is simple. 

At Hire

Use Get This Write to identify a potential issue with a candidate. Assign the course as part of onboarding if there is a question on skills.

Individual Employees

Manager identifies an employee who needs help.

Perfect tool for addition to an annual performance review. 


Require completion of Get This Write as a basic competency for client-facing departments such as:

  • Call centers
  • Sales
  • Project management

Group Pricing
For schools, businesses, and organizations,
see below.

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