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Celebrate National Grammar Day!
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Better Grammar, Better Business

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Your company's reputation is on the line each time an employee sends an email or online chat. Poor grammar can make your company appear unprofessional and even cause misunderstandings that undermine deals. Get This Write can help you avoid common mistakes like these.

Effective and Affordable


Access anytime, anywhere.
Web-based lessons provide instant access.


Designed by educators.
Instant self-checks let learners know if they are correct. Lessons reinforce past concepts while adding new ones.


Self-paced, easy tracking.
Busy employees can finish at their own pace. Managers can keep track of progress.

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Practice Makes Perfect

Your business can help improve employees’ grammar for as little as $29.99 per employee per year!

At hire: Use Get This Write to identify a potential issue with a candidate. Assign the course as part of onboarding if there is a question about writing.

For individual improvement: Identify an employee who needs help with writing. Assign Get This Write as part of an annual performance review.

For outfacing departments: Require completion of Get This Write as a basic competency for client-facing departments such as call centers, sales, project management, etc.

As a perk: English writing can be challenging for foreign-born employees. It can also be difficult for native speakers in more technical roles. Offer Get This Write to help them learn and advance.

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